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A Quick Chat with LXGESPORTS.NTJ on AFGC- Asian Football Gaming Championship

Hi Guys! I am Raaj ‘zeroTimeSpan’ Ajay, I have recently become a part of LXG- League of Extraordinary Gamers.

Quick photoshoot by AFGC

Had an amazing time chatting with LXGESPORTS.NTJ, regarding his thoughts on the tournament, formation he usually prefers in FIFA19, his perspective on trash talking, tips for upcoming players and much more…

After our chat, I felt like he was really humble, down to earth, one who has his emotions under control and respects every player out there. These things about him kind of just made me want to root for him regardless of him being a team member at LXG.

LXGESPORTS.NTJ in action during the event

Below are a few short clips of the interview

About AFGC- Asian Football Gaming Championship

LXGESPORTS.NTJ “Very tough tournament with top players coming from all over India”

Trash Talking, should it be a thing or it isn’t a suitable mentality for pro players

LXGESPORTS.NTJ “Just emotions, I do shout, but I always wear my headphones while playing and try to stay focused”

Tips for upcoming players.

LXGESPORTS.NTJ “Keep putting in more effort and you’ll gradually reach there”

About LXG Esports

LXGESPORTS.NTJ “They are very experienced with the gaming industry and they’re very supportive”

Check out the Full Interview with LXGESPORTS.NTJ

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