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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is ILG?

A: ILG stands for Indian LAN Gaming and is a platform for esports enthusiasts in India. It is a series of gaming events and tournaments that provide an opportunity for players to showcase their skills and compete against each other. The events are held across various cities in India at partnered gaming arenas, with participants from all over the country coming together to battle it out. It is a platform for both professional and amateur gamers to compete and win exciting prizes.

Q: How can I participate in ILG Season 4?

A: To participate in ILG Season 4, you need to register on the LXG One app. You can follow the instructions as stated here – https://blog.lxgindia.com/registrations-live-for-ilgs4/ or on the pinned reel on our Instagram feed.

Q: Where can I download the LXG One App?

A: You can download the LXG One App from either the Google Play Store or the App Store, depending on your device – you can find the link here – https://lxg.one/

Q: I am not receiving the OTP to login into LXG One App, what do I do?

A: If you are facing issues with the registration process, please contact us on our socials (https://www.instagram.com/indianlangaming_ilg/) and provide us with your contact details for our support team to assist you.

Q: Can I participate across all regions (North, South, East, West) / all cities?

A: Yes, you can participate in multiple tournaments across the country as long as they are not scheduled at the same time.

Q: Is it mandatory to complete the KYC process?

A: Yes, completing the KYC process is mandatory to participate in the tournaments.

Q: What documents do I need for the KYC process?

A: You will need to upload a government-issued ID proof, such as a PAN card, Aadhaar card, or driver’s license.

Q: What if I don’t have a PAN Card / Aadhaar Card / Drivers License ? Can I still participate in the ILG tournament?

A: Completing the KYC process on the LXG One is mandatory to participate in the tournaments and for that you need to have an official government ID.

Q: What are the rules & regulations for ILG?

A: To read the rules and regulations for ILG Season 4 please visit this link – https://ilg.lxgindia.com/esports-arena-league/rules-and-regulations

Q: What are the Terms & Conditions for ILG?

A: To read the Terms & Conditions for ILG Season 4 please visit this link – https://ilg.lxgindia.com/esports-arena-league/terms-and-conditions

Q: What is the reporting time for the LAN tournament ?

A: Reporting time will be at 11 AM on the day of the tournament.

Q: How do I reach a specific arena where the scheduled tournament is happening?

A: You can use the map link from the listings on the ILG Schedule, visit: https://ilg.lxgindia.com/esports-arena-league/schedule or you can do the same on the LXG One App.

Q: When do the regionals start?
A: The regional qualifiers will commence after the Minor stages of the tournament are completed. Dates for the same will be communicated at a later date.

Q: When is the Grand Finals scheduled for?

A:  Grand Finals will commence after the regional qualifiers. Dates for the same will be communicated at a later date.

Q: Where is the Grand Finals being conducted?

A: The Grand Finale will be held on LAN, the location shall be revealed after the regional qualifiers.

Q: Can I participate in multiple tournaments?

A: Yes, you can participate in multiple tournaments as long as they are not scheduled at the same time.

Q: I have already won a minor tournament, can I participate in more minors?

A: Yes, you can participate in any number of minor tournaments.

Q: Can I participate with multiple teams?

A: You will be allowed to participate with only one team per minor tournament. You can however change your team for any other minor tournament that you participate in.

Q: Can I bring my own gaming peripherals to the gaming cafe?

A: You can bring your own Keyboard, Mouse, Headphones, Mouse Pad and controllers on applicable games to participate in all LAN Tournaments.

Q: How many players can be on a team?

A: The maximum number of players on a team varies by game. You can check the tournament rules for the specific game to find out the maximum team size.

Q: How many teams can participate in each minor tournament ? / Is there a participation limit ?

A: For a team based minor tournament, the maximum number of slots available are 20.  For the solo games the slots are as follows –

FIFA 23 – 64

Brawlhalla – 32

Super Smash Bros – 32

On a case by case basis slots may be increased by the tournament administration.

Q: What if the no. of slots for a particular tournament are full ?

A: Slots will be handed out to teams who were unable to secure slots if any previously registered team fails to report to the tournament venue 15 minutes prior to their scheduled match time. This decision will be taken on a case by case basis by the tournament administration.

Q: Can I live stream the tournaments?

A: Live Streaming the tournament will only be done by the ILG Team. If you are not participating in the tournament, you will be only allowed to do so with prior written approval from the tournament director.

Q: Where can I see the list of players who are qualifying to the regionals & finals?

A: Once the tournament begins you will be able to see the list of qualified players and teams on the ILG website.

Q: Are there any tournaments that I can play online ?

A: We have a limited about of minors for Super Smash Bros that can be played online. 

Q: What if I have won a tournament & do not have a PAN Card or if I am under 18 ?

A:  You will be required to give the bank details of a local guardian along with their PAN Card, and a consent letter from the guardian.

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