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Logitech G633s RGB Gaming Headset Review

Today, we’ll be taking a look at the Logitech G663s RGB gaming headset. The successor to the highly-popular Logitech G663, the 633s features improved surround sound and universal compatibility. How does it stack up against its predecessors, and just how good of a gaming headset is it? 

Build Quality

Starting off with the build quality, the headphone is sturdy, and uses premium materials.The plastic is high-quality and feels soft to the touch. The adjustable headband has a metal skeleton, and the weight is balanced equally between both the ears. 

The earpads are soft and pliable, and covered with a grippy material that wicks sweat for those long gaming sessions. It stays on top of the ears, and does not press them down, even on the edges. The earpads are removable and washable.

Apart from the volume wheel and 3.5mm/PC switch, there are 3 programmable buttons. These can be mapped to in-game options, Windows hotkeys, macros, or headset settings such as switching on surround, switching between profiles and controlling the brightness of the LEDs.There is also a dedicated mic mute button on the headset. 

The Lightsync RGB provides a variety of options, such as reacting to music or a specific part of the screen, and other mainstays such as a breathing effect and cycling effect. Additional animations can also be downloaded through the G Hub.

Sound Signature

The headphone has good bass, sounding punchy but not muddy even at high volumes. Treble can get a bit high at times, but settles down with lower volume. This can also be tweaked as per your personal preference in the G Hub software. The mids are also clear, creating a good sound space for listening to music and voice alike.


The Dolby 7.1 surround and DTS Headphone X 2.0 are the stars of the show, making sound clearly distinguishable from all directions. Watching movies and TV shows with the accompanying cinematic surround sound, each surround sound channel stands out clearly from the others.

I tested John Wick and Altered Carbon on Netflix, and the headphones had a pretty good response. The sound signatures were clearly audible, and the positioning of the audio did not bleed onto more than 2 channels.


Gaming on the G663s is made even better with the inclusion of surround sound. You can enable the surround sound in G Hub software or configure per-game profiles that activate automatically upon launch. Individual surround sound channels can also be boosted or reduced as per user preference, so as to detect sound coming from a specific direction. If the rear channel is increased, footsteps behind the player will be heard more loudly.


The headset features good surround, and all footsteps are audible, along with the direction from which they are originating. Gunshots are easily audible, allowing for better positioning by listening to enemy fire. The 6mm flip-to-mute mic works well, and the mic sounds is clear without noise or popping. Mouse clicks and keyboard sounds are slightly audible, but can be reduced by turning down the mic’s volume.


Gunshots and footsteps are clearly audible, even if they are in the distance. The surround sound allows players to pinpoint the position of your enemies. The added customizability offered by the G Hub allows certain channels to be boosted, reducing the likelihood of surprise attacks. 

The sound is also customized in the PUBG sound profile available in the G Hub software. The headset provides dependable sound for communication, boosting teammate chatter to audibility while maintaining clear audio with the mic.

Added benefits

The headset can be used with mobile devices as well, without the Lightsync RGB. This makes it accessible for console users as well. The retractable flip-to-mute game mic provides noiseless audio and is easily accessible in a pinch.

The additional buttons are useful for streamers, as it can be used to easily stop and start certain parts of the stream. The G Hub software features integrations with Discord, OBS, and Overwolf for use with the programmable buttons.Customizing the buttons in the software allows users to bind macros with the buttons on the headphones. 


The Logitech G663s is not only a good choice for gaming, but also to consume content. It is comfortable for long durations of use, and even provides good noise cancellation through its sizeable ear pads. The surround sound it offers is great to watch movies, and the Lightsync RGB is sure to add an extra element of pop to your gaming battlestation.

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