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Logitech McLaren G Challenge 2021 – A Moment Of Pride And An Opportunity For Indian Simulator Racers

Register now and stand a chance to become the champion!

Get Ready To Race India! 

The prestigious Logitech McLaren G Challenge 2021 is currently underway! So, whether you’re a racing fan or a serious racer now is your time to make India proud! The 2021 Logitech McLaren G Challenge is open to all drivers. It is free-to-enter and features 3 unique motorsport genre competitions: Stock Car, Open Wheel and Sports Car. Sign up now and compete for a chance to win a trip to the Grand Finals Weekend and a McLaren Racing VIP Experience. That’s not all! The qualified racers will win a four (4)-day/three (3)-night all-inclusive trip to Las Vegas and get :

– On-Track Supercar Driving Experience

– To meet Professional Drivers, Athletes & Celebrities

– To compete in the Grand Finals to win a McLaren Racing VIP Experience!

Season Calendar 

ONLINE (Time Trials & Race Weekends)

Round 1 : Qualifiers = 01 July 2021 – 26 July 2021, Race Weekend = 31 July 2021

Round 2 : Qualifiers = 01 Aug 2021 – 23 Aug 2021, Race Weekend = 27 – 28 Aug 2021

Round 3 : Qualifiers = 01 Sep 2021 – 20 Sep 2021, Race Weekend = 25 Sep 2021

Round 4 : Qualifiers = 01 Oct 2021 – 25 Oct 2021, Race Weekend = 30 Oct 2021

Round 5 : Qualifiers = 01 Nov 2021 – 22 Nov 2021, Race Weekend = 27 Nov 2021


Semi-Finals :  Race Weekend = 9 Dec 2021

Grand Finale : Race Weekend = 15 Jan 2021 , Final Pro-Am Race = 16 Jan 2021

The “pre-season Pro-Am Race” took place on 8 July 2021 between team Lando Norris and Team William Byron. Watch the excitement below : 

Tournament Road Map

Online Time Trials (July 1, 2021 – November 22, 2021) –

Upon registration, racers will be able to enter the in-game server for any open Online Time Trials, and set lap times in time trial format to compete. Racers’ lap times will be automatically registered and recorded on the leaderboard as his/her competition entry. In each region, the top 30 fastest laps of each round (“Online Time Trials Winners”) will be selected to compete in the Monthly Round Races.

Monthly Round Races –

Each region will have a Monthly Round Race for the 30 selected Online Time Trial Winners of each Round of Online Time Trials. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners will be awarded a podium recognition and are eligible to compete in the semi-finals. Racers who participate in the Monthly Round Races will also have the possibility to classify themselves for the Semi-Finals by earning as many Season Points as possible.

Semi-Finals –

The first 3 fastest racers of every Monthly Round Races in every region will be eligible to participate in the semi-finals. 15 racers with podium finishes from each Monthly Round Race and 15 racers having the highest Season Points will be eligible to take part in the semi-finals.

If any of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners of each Monthly Round Race are the same racer, then additional racers having the highest Season Points will be selected to fill in the 30 racers grid for the semi-finals.

Grand Finals –

The top 3 racers from each semi-final and the Wild Card* Winner from each region will be invited to the Grand Final to compete against the other finalists from the other regions, namely Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific.

Wild Card Qualifiers*

Only for the Sport Car Assetto Corsa Competizione Tournament Mode, racers can also enter the competition through a series of Wild Card Qualifiers that will be organised in each region as offline events, requiring in-person presence at a specified time and place.

To have a better understanding of the tournament, click on the link of the official Logitech McLaren G Challenge rule book, given below :


India Likely To Have A Wildcard Tournament

Logitech India could potentially organise a wildcard tournament for India, and send the winners to Las Vegas, NV.

India is now emerging as a contender in the world’s simulator racing paradigm. With greater participation from Indians there is no doubt that this opportunity will help propel the simulator racing scenario in the country and help more simulator racers achieve their dreams. The leaderboard already features Amith Kutti(5th), Udit Sen(6th), Davlish Singh(9th), Sai Prithvi(10th), Moosa Mahsoom(17th) and Rishab Banerjee(26th) in the Sports Car Leaderboard for the Asia-Pacific region.

The exact number of Wild Card Qualifiers, their location and date are to be determined. For an up to date schedule of events go to: logitechgchallenge.com.

Sit Down, Strap In and Put The Pedal To The Metal!

Registrations for the event are still open! Head on to the Logitech McLaren G Challenge website, create your Logitech ID, register for the event and compete to get on to the leaderboards! It is advised to buy the games – Assetto Corsa Competizione and iRacing on Steam, link your Steam account with the chosen game and have a tactical advantage by purchasing the Logitech G 923.

The Future Of Racing Is Here!  

The Logitech G923 and G29 are the future of simulator racing. The award winning Logitech G29 design is reengineered into G 923 in collaboration with McLaren to dial into your game physics and deliver unprecedented realism.

Logitech G923 Attributes :

  • TRUEFORCE – Next-gen force feedback connects directly games’ physics engines to produce higher fidelity, real-time force feedback. G923 is capable of replicating frequencies up to 1,000Hz for a huge leap in racing realism and precision.
  • Dual-Clutch Launch Control – Technology that will help you get off the starting line cleaner and faster, with maximum traction and minimum smoke.
  • Race-Proven Spec – Trusted dual-motor force feedback mechanism, helical gearing, genuine leather strap, aluminium spokes, steel shifters and pedals.
  • Complete Control – Get the racing control and data you need from the 24 – point selector, on – wheel controls, RPM LEDs and progressive brake spring.
  • Real-Time Racing – TRUEFORCE integrates directly with game physics and audio to unlock high-definition, real-time force feedback. Tire grip, suspension, weight, horsepower and unique engine sound resonance are immediately and accurately felt through the wheel.

These racing wheel simulators will be a racer’s advantage in the competition. Their engineering will allow one to feel the pistons pumping, the gravel crunching, and every shift, drift, and hairpin turn like never before.

We’d like to extend our appreciation to Logitech and McLaren for providing India with a slot for this epic tournament and can not wait to see how our nation performs! 

Keep an eye on the action by subscribing to the official G Challenge YouTube page and stay updated with all the proceedings of the event :


Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more!

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