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Logitech McLaren G Challenge 2021 India Wildcard – Qualifier 2 Recap

The Logitech McLaren G Challenge India Wildcard tournament is currently going on and the action is nothing less than exciting.

With admirable response from Indian racers in this tournament we have observed that India is now an upcoming name in the world’s sim racing scene. Because of a growing population of national sim racers and motorsport enthusiasts, India is emerging as a hotbed for eracing and motorsports.

Driven By A Desire To Win And Bring Honour To The Country

A plethora of talented racers have taken part in this tournament so far. Their grit and determination has led us to believe that India is a contender for the world championship. 

Observing the results of Qualifier 2, we have :

1st Place – Moosa Mahsoom

2nd Place – Deepak Raj

3rd Place – Karan Joseph Sebastian

These racers have exceeded expectations and are determined to bring the championship crown home. 

A Word From The Racers

On being asked what the experience was like,  Sai Prithvi, a top racer from Qualifier 1 had this to say – “I’ve been sim racing for the past 3 years now and this is definitely a unique experience as there aren’t many competitions in sim racing in India. The organisers did a great job co-ordinating the entire event and supported us to the fullest despite having technical issues and I’m happy to say that everything went relatively smoothly.”. Amith Kutty another top racer from Qualifier 1 said “It was a good experience and well organised. It was good to see an influx of new people introduced to sim racing in the Indian scene. It was very close at the top and had good battles throughout the races. It will be challenging to the say the least. A lot of practice will be required to compete at the sharp end of the grid.“. 

Standings and Lap Times

Qualifier 2 Round 1 (Hotlap Superpole)

Circuit – Monza

PositionDriver NameTime
1Moosa Mahsoom (notsomahsoom)01:48.078
2Gaurav Arora (worshipthepanda)01:48.645
3Deepak Raj (deepakraj95)01:49.305
4Snehasish Dawn (dawn29)01:50.295
5Mohammed Shahbaz (miztr_z)01:51.105
6Karan Joseph Sebastian (zod9)01:51.342
7Archan Ghosh (quantamphysx)01:51.504
8Kasif Khwaja Sayyed (paradox)01:55.128
9Chandrakanth Sattesa (snowboy)01:56.781

Qualifier 2 Round 2 (Race) 

Circuits – Silverstone, Monza, Spa

PositionDriver NameFastest Lap
1Moosa Mahsoom01:58.0380
2Deepak Raj02:00.2790
3Karan Joseph Sebastian02:01.5630
PositionDriver NameFastest Lap
1Moosa Mahsoom01:48.1440
2Deepak Raj01:49.6470
3Subham Das01:50.3010
PositionDriver NameFastest Lap 
1Moosa Mahsoom02:17.7690
2Deepak Raj02:21.2190
3Karan Joseph Sebastian02:23.7510

Rewards For Winners

Due to the continuing complications of  COVID-19, the Las Vegas leg of the Logitech McLaren G Challenge has been cancelled for safety concerns. Now the 2 Indian racers who win the Indian Wildcard Qualifier will receive $1000 USD, and qualify for the Logitech McLaren G Challenge AP Wildcard Finale which will be held on the 8th of January 2022.

Indian Racing Community – Making India a hotbed for motorsports enthusiasts and racers 

We’d like to extend our appreciation to IRC for taking part and spreading the word about this tournament. The IRC is a growing community and is always welcome to new entrants. The collective response from IRC and the enthusiasts in the country are a driving force for passionate and talented people to start their racing journey. We foresee a great change in the racing scene in the country and extend our regards to IRC for nurturing sim racing and motorsports.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Logitech McLaren G Challenge 2021 India Wildcard Final and how India is making headway in the sim racing scene!

Watch the excitement here :

Hotlap Superpole – https://fb.gg/v/9fgb5mUIhR/

Silverstone Race – https://fb.gg/v/9fgahvWDk9/

Monza Race – https://fb.gg/v/9fgimp6ebo/

Spa Race – https://fb.gg/v/9fgjQzYf1l/

IRC’s Socials –

IRC Website : https://indianracingcommunity.co.in/ 

IRC Discord Invite Link : https://discord.gg/rDy7RsN

IRC  YouTube : https://youtube.com/c/IndianRacingCommunity

IRC Instagram : https://instagram.com/indianracingcommunity

IRC Twitter : https://twitter.com/racing_indian

IRC Steam : https://steamcommunity.com/groups/indianracingcommunity

IRC Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/IndianRacingCommunity/

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