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LXG Vellore: South India’s Budding Esports Capital Just Got An Upgrade!

Gamers of Vellore unite, LXG is now in your city! League of Extraordinary gamers has made its debut in the budding Esports hub of South India. The city that is home to prestigious institutions like Vellore Institute of Technology, Christian Medical College and Kingston college, Vellore is a hot-bed for student gamers, and gaming enthusiasts. The beautiful city also features tourist attractions like the Vellore Fort, the Srilakshmi Golden Temple and the Amirthi Zoological Park. It is a constantly developing city and hosts an army of Esports warriors.

Forward Thinking and Futuristic: LXG Vellore’s Technology 

  • To Give A Gamer The Best Experience

Located in Chennai Salai opposite Vellore Institute of Technology, LXG Vellore a premium Esports arena is like none other in the city. It has 30 gaming setups, with each PC boasting an Esports ready configuration. The PCs are outfitted with Ryzen 3600x processors along with  ray tracing-capable RTX 2060 Super graphics cards and 16 GB 3200MHz of RAM. The PCs paired with 1ms 240Hz Alienware monitors are apt for competitive and immersive play. LXG Vellore also pairs their PCs with all the latest and advanced peripherals to equip each Esport warrior with the most powerful tools needed to make it in the growing Esports circuit

Like all other LXG properties, LXG Vellore features the custom built LXG ergonomic gaming seats by E-Blue Esports to facilitate longer gaming hours and eliminating any discomfort

  • To Ensure A Low Ping Environment

The client PCs utilise diskless PC technology for optimal loading time and enabling a low ping environment by creating a centralised point of update for all programmes and games of all PCs. LXG eliminates the lag, so that gamers can frag, no cap!

  • To Maximize The Fun

LXG Vellore is in-built with a powerful sound system, and a viewing area with a high end TV for viewing streams and tournaments. It will also be available for events like birthday parties, and hardware launches.

  • To Provide High-End Production For Streaming And Casting

A sound-proof streaming room equipped with an advanced production PC to ensure a perfect stream every time. This room will also be accessible to students of Mass Communication, to hone their skills and learn to understand the basis of broadcasting and streaming.

Inside The Spaceship – LXG Vellore’s Interiors

  • To give a deeper look into the ideation and building of the arena, Shravanth Reddy, LXG’s MD personally explained how the location will serve the most prime experience for gamers in Vellore. As a cafe that is built to be functional and futuristic, he spoke about the smart features that have been incorporated into the location. He said, “For all the common areas that need to be lit only when used, we have infrared motion sensor switches. The lights will turn off when there is no one in the area.”. 
  • The mainstay of every LXG location has been the signature green LED setups. Shravanth has stated that, “The floor lighting is incorporated in such a way that it shows features of breathing. We’re using an Arduino for the effect on the LEDs. No one has controlled LEDs in a commercial setting like this using micro-controllers like Arduinos.”
  • Since Vellore is an extremely warm city there is possibility of a high external temperature, up to 52 degrees.The arena has 15 tons of anti-bacterial centralised air-conditioning to maintain a pleasant atmosphere inside. To deal with the excess amount of heat produced, it also has 8 exhaust fans on 3 sides that work on a smart temperature control switch. The arena’s walls are layered with cement fibre boards with an internal thermocol and glass wool padding to absorb the heat inside and reflect external heat. 
  • To give gamers an experience that they will not find anywhere else, the PCs have been built in the brand-new LXG Titan. The LXG Titan is an in-house design by LXG to offer a top-notch gaming experience both ergonomic and immersive. Built for the next generation of Esports and gaming, the LXG Titan is a scratch-built desk containing a custom-built PC.

Everything Under One Roof: Tournaments, Merchandise, PC Customisation And Lots More!

  • The arena serves up the most palatable dishes and beverages. LXG Vellore’s in-house kitchen prioritises hygiene, flavour and affordability. LXG Vellore will satisfy all gastronomic cravings, and nourish Esports warriors during their battles. Saving them the trouble of leaving the arena to grab a bite. 
  • LXG Vellore is a one stop shop for all gaming needs. From peripherals, PCs, and laptops to streaming equipment, LXG Vellore is the portal to all needs that gamers, streamers or casters have. 
  • From custom building of PCs to specific hardware requirements, LXG Vellore houses a variety of advanced technology that is available to customers. One can be assured that a purchase from LXG will indeed be an upgrade!
  • In the wake of major league tournaments and LAN events LXG Vellore is equipped to provide every Esports warrior with an exciting and unforgettable experience. It is in a favourable location for gamers from Bangalore and Chennai to converge for battle.

Creating The Esports Revolution: LXG Building The Gaming Ecosystem In Vellore

Vellore has steadily grown into an upcoming Esports hub in South India. Due to a high number of migrant student population and a large number of international students, gaming and Esports have seen a gradual increase in Vellore. Apart from student-organised tournaments in colleges, many independently organised tournaments have also taken place in the city. Counter-Strike, which has been a fan favourite since its launch, is still ruling the roost with CS:GO. DOTA 2, FIFA, Valorant, Battlefield and PUBG PC aficionados are also plenty in the city.

LXG Vellore is sure to  give the gaming culture in Vellore the boost it needs. It will equip gamers with the tools they need to evolve and engage the growing Esports industry in the country, enabling the passionate ones to become professionals in today’s growing Esports industry. 

LXG Vellore’s franchise owner Mr Karthik said,‘’I’ve been gaming for a while now, and I’ve played in multiple gaming cafes, but seeing the potential of Esports and how gaming cafes operate in cities like Bangalore and Mumbai, I contacted LXG Bangalore (Indiranagar) to  help me build LXG Vellore. The constant support I received from LXG, my uncle, my CA – Mr Babu, and from Indian Bank Vellore, has been instrumental in creating this arena to provide gamers with the best of the best.”.

With the new addition to the family, LXG’s mission to create the Esports revolution in the country has already started and is underway. Stay tuned for more updates, and gear up as LXG is coming to your city very soon.

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