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Tips To Get Started On Your Esports Journey In WCC Rivals

All of us remember playing cricket games on our computer, waiting for the chance to play as our own team against the rest of the world. Now, that experience is available on mobile through Nextwave Multimedia’s World Cricket Championship (WCC) Rivals. The game is available now on Android, and is soon to be released on iOS, and offers real-time multiplayer against other players with the team of your liking.

This game has amazing depth and a lot of things to learn, such as timing special deliveries and shots, managing teams, and ranked play. Here are a few tips to help you get started on your esports journey through WCC Rivals.


Time Your Shots Well

One of the biggest parts of batting in WCC Rivals is timing the shot. Apart from trying to hit the ‘Power Drive’ and ‘Loft’ shots, the time at which you swipe is important for how far the ball travels. Try to swipe at the same time as the ball hits the ground, if you are facing off against a spin bowler, and a little before the bounce if you’re playing against a pace bowler. 

Play To The Field

WCC Rivals gives your opponents the chance to change fielding on the fly, with set profiles for left and right batsmen. To confuse the bowler, it is recommended to go for a left/right combination for the first wicket. This will also change the fielding setup every time you run for a single, allowing you to exploit holes in the fielding formation. Look for ways to get in between players, and swipe in the according direction to score boundaries.

Manage Your Power Shots

Even though hitting loft and power drive shots come from practice of timing, it is important to remember to play properly when you do get them. One of the biggest factors while hitting a loft shot is to play it in a place where there are absolutely no fielders. If played near fielders, you will be caught out. Same goes for power drives, play them where there are no fielders, so as to get it to the boundary quickly.


Placing The Bowling Position

The placement of the bowling crosshair is very important for picking up wickets and bowling dot balls. This is different for spin bowlers and pace bowlers, with the former relying on deceptive placement, and the latter on swing to move the ball. For spin bowlers, It is recommended to place the crosshair on the opposite side of the batsmen and apply maximum spin to bowl the batsmen out. For pace bowlers, swing should be used to get LBW or edge outs.

Selecting Special Deliveries 

After landing the arrow in the special delivery zone, you can choose from up to 4 different special deliveries for pace bowlers, and 3 for spin bowlers. For pace, the leg cutter and off cutter balls can help get LBWs easier, while reverse swing can trick the opponent into playing a different shot. Slow balls can be instrumental in the batsman edging the ball and caught behind.

For spin bowlers, you can select between Googly, Topspinner, Arm Ball, and/or Doosra, depending on the bowler. Googly balls look like leg-spin balls, but are actually off-spin balls. Top spinner balls swing similar to pace balls, and do not spin on impact with the ground, allowing for a carry-through bowled wicket. Arm ball and Doosra change the spin direction deceptively, allowing bowlers to pick up wickets by bowling the batsmen out.

Control The Batsmen’s Shots

Crosshair placement and special deliveries must be used in such a way that the ball is placed in a position where the batsmen play to the fielders. This must also be used in conjunction with setting up effective fielding arrangements for batsmen playing both left and right. This will not only ensure control of the singles run by the batsmen, but will also protect from boundaries and can provide catches from lofted shots.

Other Important Factors

Train Your Players

Training is an often overlooked part of WCC Rivals.You can train your players in the ‘My Squad’ option on the main menu.

If you believe in your ability to hold on to wickets in the early game, prioritize training only the first 2 or 3 people in your lineup. This will preserve resources for you to specialize training for the potential batting lineup. Moreover, batsmen will also pick up skills such as diving for the wicket, accurately place shots, and have better reflexes for shot timing.

For bowlers, they develop skills such as bowling faster balls without them being an no-ball, more accurately managing line and length, and applying greater swing or spin to the ball. Training also makes it easier to hit the special shot and delivery areas, greatly increasing your potential to score runs and pick up wickets

Managing Your Team

One of the more recent additions to the game is team management. WCC Rivals has a stamina bar for players, starting at 100%, and going down by a set percentage after every match where that player participates. To bring back stamina, the player must be rested and a substitute player must be brought in from the reserve team. Make sure to keep your players’ energy up, as there is a fine for not resting your players!

Manage Fielding Effectively

Fielding formations must be changed according to the batsmen playing at the crease. Left and right hand formations must be altered, with bowling strategies also coming in to play. Upgrade your players to make sure they run faster, and contest the umpire’s decision if given the choice for run outs.

Esports Ready

The recently released ‘esports pack’ on the WCC Rivals store allows tournament organizers of any scale to get started with a full-blown WCC Rivals tournament. The pack allows for 25 matches to be hosted, with many features, such as results being mailed to organizers’ email IDs, and customized default level of players.

The level of the players participating can be changed by the organizer, all the way from level 0 to level 20. They can also customize the number of overs, choosing between 2,5, and 10. Organizers can also have customized room IDs for ease of access.

This knowledge will help you get started with WCC Rivals, the first esports ready mobile game.ILG tournaments are present every weekday on the game, so take these tips to the field and stand a chance to win part of the INR 5,00,000 prize pool.

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